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Poète et écrivain, animateur de télévision et de radio, éditorialiste et directeur artistique de Viva l’Opéra!, Alain Duault est rédacteur d’Opéra Online. Musicologue et sans doute l’un des meilleurs connaisseurs de l’opéra en France, Alain Duault y assure le rôle de « passeur » idéal entre cet art lyrique qu’il connait parfaitement, ces artistes et créateurs qu’il fréquente depuis toujours, et ce public qu’il aime et veut toujours passionnément emmener avec lui sur ces chemins multiples de l’art lyrique.

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Don Pasquale, Jenufa, Tosca: A Weekend at the Vienna Opera

Alain Duault

A weekend at the Vienna Opera will convince you that this house, under the the masterful hand of Frenchman Dominique Meyer, is always in good health.  In mid-April this year, audiences were able to spend three days seeing three facets of what determines the quality of such an institution - while at the same time enjoying one of those moments that make opera legendary! On Friday, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale brought together an almost ideal quartet: tenorissimo Juan...

Rigoletto : It’s in the Box !

Alain Duault

Rigoletto is one of the cornerstones of the repertory of a great opera house like the Paris Opera: you cannot, must not miss it. But at the same time you can’t simply keep repeating conventional images of it. It needs to be part of that ceaselessly shifting movement that still today makes us talk about opera, even in the case of these works from the past. In 1851, Verdi was 38 years old: Rigoletto is thus an opera from his mature period – but most of all...

Capriccio at the Opéra National de Paris

Alain Duault

What a happy idea Stéphane Lissner had for his first season in reprising the last (and necessarily melancholy) production by Hugues Gall a little more than 10 years ago, when he left the Paris Opera:there is an implicit homage, and the sign of a desire for continuity in excellence.For the excellence is there, in the prodigious staging by Robert Carsen, perhaps one of his most successful:in this setting, which is an elegant mise en abyme of the Opéra Garnier, the...

Carmen at Les Chorégies d'Orange... for Don Jonas Kaufmann

Alain Duault

Carmen in Orange is a classic!Here people have applauded some of the greatest, particularly Béatrice Uria Monzon who provided thrills for audiences on three occasions at the Théâtre Antique.But this time, Carmen was forgotten, and the 9,000 or so spectators had eyes (and ears!) only for Jonas Kaufmann’s Don José. Not that Kate Aldrich is a poor Carmen:she is beautiful and has a certain noblesse (almost too much, sometimes evoking...

La Scala's new season opening : Fidelio

Alain Duault

La Scala’s season opening every 7 December is always a major event, but this year the excitement is especially high as it marks Daniel Barenboim’s farewell to this theatre to which he gave his all. And we must first of all admire his performance: his conducting, ample, powerful and taut without any superfluous showmanship, perfectly sums up the spirt of Beethoven's only opera, the morality of an upright man stated in clear and radiant sound by a constantly renewed dynamic,...