Nabucco - Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2025 - Nabucco - Arena di Verona 2025

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Having already directed the 'Crystal Aida' at the 100th Verona Arena Festival, Stefano Poda is once again the director, set designer, costume designer, lighting designer and choreographer of the new production of Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco, which opens the 2025 Festival - the third most performed opera in Verona's Roman amphitheatre, with a total of 239 performances since 1938.

According to Cecilia Gasdia, Superintendent of the Verona Arena, Stefano Poda's "Crystal Aida" was an "unprecedented artistic experience" in the Verona amphitheatre, attracting a new audience to the Festival. The return of Stefano Poda with this new production of Nabucco helps to "anchor the festival a little more firmly in the future of opera".

For the director, "the Arena of Verona is the most extraordinary open-air theatre in the world", and the experience of Aida "had a profound effect on him". He continues: "On stage, my language will be aimed at creating a peculiar Nabucco that can only exist in the Arena: not a theatre title, not just an opera date, but a festival event, of total art, that can conquer both fans and a truly wider audience”

Cast not yet announced.

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June 13, 2025 21:30:00

June 14, 2025 21:30:00

June 21, 2025 21:30:00

June 28, 2025 21:30:00

July 10, 2025 21:15:00

July 17, 2025 21:15:00

July 24, 2025 21:15:00

July 31, 2025 21:15:00

August 09, 2025 21:00:00

August 16, 2025 21:00:00

August 21, 2025 21:00:00

September 05, 2025 21:00:00