Don Pasquale - Wiener Staatsoper (2016) - Don Pasquale - Wiener Staatsoper (2016)


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The old, wealthy, but miserly bachelor Don Pasquale wants to marry off his nephew Ernesto: to a wealthy woman. Ernesto however prefers the young, destitute widow Norina, who loves him. Although Don Pasquale has never seen Norina, he rejects the marriage – and throws Ernesto unceremoniously out of his house. Despondent, Ernesto writes a farewell letter to his beloved Norina. But Norina will not give Ernesto up...

Don Pasquale's new plan is now get married himself – and his friend Dr. Malatesta is to help him in this endeavour. Malatesta however sticks by Ernesto and contrives a complex plot in which Norina and Ernesto have a part to play: Norina is to be presented to the bachelor as Malatesta's well brought up sister Sofronia, who grew up in a convent. Don Pasquale is enchanted by this silent, virtuous creature – and enters into sham marriage arranged by Malatesta (but which Don Pasquale believes to be real). Immediately after the wedding, Sofronia (= Norina) changes her behaviour. She turns into a lavish, loveless, snappish shrew who terrorizes Pasquale and is – obviously – deceiving him. To get her out of the house again, Don Pasquale wants to give his nephew Ernesto not only a rich dowry, but also a home again, along with Norina (whose real identity is still unknown to him). Sofronia's true identity is then revealed. He has to learn his lesson: a man of the older generation should not try to court a younger woman...

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April 15, 2016 00:00:00

April 18, 2016 00:00:00

April 21, 2016 00:00:00

June 24, 2016 00:00:00

June 29, 2016 00:00:00


Irina Brook

Evelino Pidò

Marco Armiliato

Ildebrando D'Arcangelo

Adam Plachetka

Ambrogio Maestri

Mario Cassi

Juan Diego Flórez

Jinxu Xiahou

Valentina Naforniță

Aida Garifullina

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Don Pasquale, vieux garçon

Docteur Malatesta, ami de Don Pasquale

Docteur Malatesta, ami de Don Pasquale

Docteur Malatesta, ami de Don Pasquale

Ernesto, neveu de Don Pasquale

Ernesto, neveu de Don Pasquale

Norina, jeune veuve

Norina, jeune veuve