Capriccio - Opéra national de Paris (2016) - Capriccio - Opéra national de Paris (2016)


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Even if the world were to fall apart – as indeed it did on October 28th 1942 when Richard Strauss first performed his opera in Munich – Countess Madeleine would still remain, impassively awaiting an answer that would come neither “tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock”, nor for that matter, ever – an answer to the seemingly futile question: “Prima la musica, o prima le parole?” Is this a nostalgic twilight tribute to the world of yesteryear, which in its collapse would swallow up Stefan Zweig, the very artist who, in 1934, planted the idea for Capriccio in the composer’s head; or is it a mere caprice whose theoretical hedonism questions the position of the ageing composer, who entrenched himself in his Garmisch villa as dramatic events took place around him. Robert Carsen, a master in the art of metatheatre, transforms the perspective of the Palais Garnier's stage and the Foyer de la Danse into a mirrored jewel box for Adrianne Pieczonka's opalescent voice. Ingo Metzmacher conducts the great German composer's’ lyric testament. 

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January 19, 2016 19:30:00

January 22, 2016 20:30:00

January 25, 2016 19:30:00

January 27, 2016 19:30:00

January 31, 2016 14:30:00

February 03, 2016 19:30:00

February 06, 2016 19:30:00

February 10, 2016 19:30:00

February 14, 2016 14:30:00


Robert Carsen

Ingo Metzmacher

Emily Magee

Daniela Sindram

Benjamin Bernheim

Lauri Vasar

Wolfgang Koch

Lars Woldt

Graham Clark

Chiara Skerath

Juan José de León

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Die Gräfin




Der Graf

La Roche

Monsieur Taupe

Eine italienische Sängerin

Ein italienischer Tenor