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Mariangela Sicilia: “singing again, with an orchestra, a conductor and an audience”

"perpetual music", a project initiated by You shouldn't miss Mariangela Sicilia one of Italy's rising stars. She was awarded Third Prize at the Operalia Competition in 2014, and has sung in leading opera houses and festivals across Europe. A few weeks after the cancellation of her Teatro alla Scala debut in Umberto Giordano’s Fedora with Sonya Yoncheva and Roberto Alagna, she had the opportunity to...


"Perpetual Music": three concerts supported by Juan Diego Flórez, Sonya Yoncheva, Rolando Villazón and Renaud Capuçon to bring the music to life

The fragility of the world of culture was highlighted in but a few months of a health crisis. A few months during which the theatres were condemned to remain closed and now still struggle to receive the public. A few months during which the artists certainly "worked" on their voices and practised for their next roles, but were unable to perform on stage and therefore lost any income. Today, a few festivals lead the way in the return to life and once again voices and instruments...


Mozart in Salzburg - the changing faces of the local boy

As the Salzburg Festival approaches its centenary next August, how can we not mention Mozart in the history of the event? The composer is obviously inseparable from the Austrian city, but the performance of the local boy's works have varied during the hundred years of the Festival's existence, sometimes presenting his great classics, sometimes rediscovering some of his lesser known works, or to remind us that even today, "Mozart has a lot to tell...


The Salzburg Festival, one hundred years of artistic ideals

As a result of the health measures in place in Austria to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Salzburg Festival is being "downsized and redesigned". In 2020, the Festival nevertheless celebrates its centenary with a programme that begins this year and continues next year. Through a series of articles that we are starting today, we look back on the major challenges of the Festival, whether ideological and political, artistic or musical - whether through the great performers...


Verona Arena 2021: Sonya Yoncheva will sing Aida for the first time

Although there are still doubts about the exact course of the 2020 edition of the Verona Arena Festival (which could be based on small-scale productions for a reduced audience), the 2021 edition of the lyrical event is already the subject of special attention. In 2021, the 150th anniversary of the creation of Aida (first performed in 1871) will be commemorated, and the work obviously occupies a very special place in the Veronese programme -- the first edition of the festival in 1913 opened...


A Rigoletto in the open air from July onwards to relaunch the Rome Opera House

Italy was particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, but after several weeks of lockdown, local authorities are now considering a resumption of business, including cultural activities, and the Rome Opera House could be the first opera house to raise the curtain again. While there is no question of hosting the public in the auditorium (gatherings of more than 200 people in enclosed spaces are still forbidden in Italy and could remain so until the autumn), according to Corriere della...