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Belcanto voices : I Puritani at Teatro Real

Jorge Binaghi

As an extra gift we had the new critical edition by Fabrizio della Seta (with certain changes). Thus the roles of Enrichetta and –more- Arturo, but also those of Riccardo and Elvira become more alive (a pity that they didn’t include the final rondo written for Malibran, and more since here we had a real chance). Of course the risks of a still less dramatic structure –a problem with this opera since its first performance- are more evident, but the artistic interest of this...

Das Liebesverbot at Madrid: the ‘other’ Wagner

Jorge Binaghi

A  little known Wagner, and with a dubious reputation, basically because of its exclusion from the true ‘corpus’ at Bayreuth, wherefrom it was banned together with Die Feen and Rienzi by composer and family. It’s strange that in the most sacred place of Wagnerism it’s impossible to see an opera that, following a wonderful work by Shakespeare much more ambiguous, complex and finally interesting than the libretto written by the author, the typical ‘opera...

Anna Bolena at Zurich: fully booked

Jorge Binaghi

You could see a lot of people asking for a ticket in front of the theatre, something quite impossible when one of the singers is Anna Netrebko (at the same time there were young people delivering pamphlets against the diva because her support to M. Putin in the case Ukraine). But it’s impossible to perform a difficult opera as this of Donizetti it only with a big name. The cast was a fine one, and for the ladies the choices were absolutely right (apart the fact that scissors are...

Maria Stuarda, soprano or mezzo?

Jorge Binaghi

The answer to this question depends (as it usually does, and especially when it comes to a ‘belcanto’ opera) on the particular singer.  Barcelona has always seen, until now, the soprano version, the best known, but Malibran’s  voice was certainly not the kind of Ronzi de Begnis’ (furthermore, the latter had sung at Naples Buondelmonte  while Malibran was the first Stuarda at Milano when the opera appeared for the first time with its actual...