Tosca - Gran Teatre del Liceu (2014) - Tosca - Gran Teatre del Liceu (2014)

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Three is a number of special relevance to Tosca: three settings in Rome in the year 1800, three main characters (Tosca, Cavaradossi and Scarpia), and the three rules of classical drama – action, place and time – which, surprisingly, still underlie this work from the dawn of the 20th century. Paco Azorín chooses to apply the number three to yet another dimension and his production – dominated by a huge, strikingly realistic altarpiece – spans three centuries: the period of the action, that of the premiere, and that of the present audience. Thus there are three levels of interpretation, one for each act, and his Tosca starts off as a work of realism, evolves into the sphere of symbolism, and concludes with a metaphorical vision of this tale of passions. For every passion that is part of contradictory human nature – from love to power lust – finds its place in the three settings and each is expressed with forcefulness and violence. 

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Paco Azorín

Paolo Carignani

Martina Serafin

Sondra Radvanovsky

Fiorenza Cedolins

Riccardo Massi

Jorge de León

Ambrogio Maestri

Vittorio Vitelli

Vladimir Baykov

Alessandro Guerzoni

Francisco Vas

José Manuel Zapata

Manel Esteve

Valeriano Lanchas

Elena Copons

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Floria Tosca

Floria Tosca

Floria Tosca

Mario Cavaradossi

Mario Cavaradossi



Cesare Angelotti

Cesare Angelotti





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