La Traviata - Gran Teatre del Liceu (2014-2015) - La Traviata - Gran Teatre del Liceu (2014-2015)


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La Traviata is unique in Verdi's output. Unlike Aida or Nabucco, it is remarkable for its realistic portrayal of the tale of Violetta who, on her deathbed, recalls her life as a courtesan in flashback form. In it Verdi made a head-on attack on the hypocritical society that censured his relationship with Giuseppina Strepponi. He also exalted human life and virtues such as generosity, compassion and selflessness, which are negated by the implacable judgement of a class-dominated society. In this adaptation of the novel by Alexander Dumas son, La dame aux camélias, he made subversive references to topics that were outlawed at the time (syphilis and tuberculosis). This, and his moral stance, aroused a storm of fury at the opera's first showing. Now David McVicar's masterly version, featuring his usual dramatic and highly-charged mise en scene, offers a contemporary re-reading.  A grandiose melodrama in a period setting.

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David McVicar

Evelino Pidò

Patrizia Ciofi

Elena Mosuc

Charles Castronovo

Leonardo Capalbo

Gemma Coma-Alabert

Toni Marsol

Vladimir Stoyanov

Àngel Òdena

Miren Urbieta Vega

Jorge Rodríguez-Norton

Marc Canturri

Iosu Yeregui

Josep Lluis Moreno

Gabriel Diap

Miquel Rosales

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Violetta Valéry

Violetta Valéry

Alfredo Germont

Alfredo Germont

Flora Bervoix

Baron Douphol

Giorgio Germont

Giorgio Germont



Marquis d'Obigny

Dr. Grenvil

Giuseppe, serviteur de Violetta