Don Carlo - Baden-Baden Summer Festspiele (2014) - Don Carlo - Baden-Baden Sommerfestspiele (2014)

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Mariinsky Theatre production

What an opera ! What impact unfolds, what conflicts! This opera has everything – an almost ancient relentlessness of fate which drives every protagonist into a personal abyss. Forbidden, tortured love. Friendship, betrayal, loneliness and dignity. The dignity of men and women, each totally right where they, themselves are concerned but unrelentingly in the wrong when it comes to others. Everything will be brought to life and humanised through music which is both highly melodic yet sinister, music that comforts yet, simultaneously confronts. With this work the Mariinsky Ensemble continues its long Verdi tradition and Valery Gergiev possesses a superb perception for the massive phrases of this music. It would appear that the spirit of mankind first discovered its purpose when it became the material for such a masterpiece.

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July 03, 2014 18:00:00

July 05, 2014 18:00:00


Viktoria Yastrebova

Vladislav Sulimsky

Ildar Abdrazakov

Evgeny Nikitin

Yonghoon Lee

Serguei Aleksashkin

Mikhail Petrenko

Vladimir Feliauer

Marina Aleshonkova

Andrei Zorin

Ekaterina Gubanova

Anastasia Kalagina

Work's characters list

Elisabetta di Valois (Elisabeth de Valois)

Rodrigo (Rodrigue)

Filippo II (Philippe II)

Filippo II (Philippe II)

Don Carlo (Don Carlos)

Il Grande Inquisitore (Le Grand Inquisiteur)

Il Grande Inquisitore (Le Grand Inquisiteur)

Un monaco (Un Moine)

Tebaldo (Thibault)

Il Conte di Lerma (Le comte de Lerme)

La Principessa Eboli (La princesse d'Eboli)

Una voce dal cielo (Une voix céleste)