La Sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini), Teatro Petruzzelli Bari

Xl_dsc_1480 © Carlo Cofano

Bellini's romantic masterpiece was cleverly put on stage by young Italian drama director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. We are brought into a world between dream and reality or what reality might be. For Barberio Corsetti, everything remains imaginary. Costumes relate to the 18th century, Switzerland can be everywhere, we find some parallels to Alice in Wonderland. The stage design follows, big objects gets small and vice versa. The audience is introduced to this world by puppet players accompagniing the set. Videos emphasize this imagination. So it is an elaborated and pittoresque setting to develop the story of intrigue, love and innocence.

Historically Bellini's operas were famous for their interpretes and enormous request s were made on the singing.Jessica Pratt as Amina showed well the elasticity of her voice, strong and secure height, colleratures are clear and harmonious. John Osborn is a fine Elvino with his warm tenor lacking the glittery heights. Whereas Paolo Pecchioli lets his bariton shine in full timbre and volume as Conte Rudolfo. Sara Allegretta as Teresa and Alessandra Marianelli accomplish the well selected cast. Daniele Callegari conducts the orchestra with care, starts refrained but seems to be woken up with the splendid singing and let  the orchestra play with emotion and a lot of committment.   

The audience appreciated this extraordinary interpretation and showed their affection.

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