Trial by Jury & The Wandering Scholar - Wexford Festival (2014) - Trial by Jury & The Wandering Scholar - Wexford Festival (2014)


General Information

  • Production title:Trial by Jury & The Wandering Scholar - Wexford Festival (2014)
  • Work - Composer:Trial by Jury - Arthur Sullivan
  • Opera house:Wexford Opera


Double bill with The Wandering Scholar in first part.

The Wandering Scholar :

The Wandering Scholar, the one-act chamber opera which was Holst’s final opera, was written in 1929/30 and first performed in Liverpool shortly before his death. Holst’s lifelong passion for English folk music permeates the witty score. The libretto, by Clifford Bax, is based on one of the tales from The Wandering Scholars by Helen Waddell.

It is set in thirteenth-century France where Louis’ wife Alison prepares to ‘entertain’ her admirer Father Philippe. They are interrupted by the poor wandering scholar Pierre. Alison is sympathetic to Pierre but the priest throws him out. However, Pierre returns with Louis and tells a story that exposes the priest and the lovers' carryings-on.

Trial By Jury :

Trial by Jury was commissioned as a short work to be played after an Offenbach comic opera in London in 1875. It was an immediate success and established one of the most famous of all theatrical and musical partnerships: WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Described as a dramatic cantata, Trial by Jury is the only opera by Gilbert and Sullivan that contains no spoken dialogue.

Edwin promised to marry Angelina but has jilted her and is taken to court in a breach of promise case. Trial by Jury is a delightful combination of Sullivan’s tuneful and sparkling music, Gilbert’s clever words and the absurdities that result when judge and jury become emotionally involved in the case.

In 2014, all ShortWork Operas will be performed in Whites Hotel, a 5-minute walk from Wexford Opera House.

More information is available on the operahouse's official website.


October 23, 2014 15:30:00

October 29, 2014 15:30:00

November 01, 2014 15:30:00


Nicholas Morris

Johane Ansell

RIccardo Ianello

Ryan Hugh Ross

Ashley Mercer

Koji Terada

Jennifer Davis

Leila Moreso

Natalie Sinnott

Chloë Morgan

Rachel Croash

Richard Shaffrey

Richard Hansen

David Howes

Matthew Wright

Work's characters list

The learned Judge

The Plaintiff

The Defendant

Counsel for the Plaintiff


Foreman of the Jury

First Bridesmaid





Gentlemen of the Jury

Gentlemen of the Jury

Gentlemen of the Jury

Gentlemen of the Jury