Salome - Zürich Opera house (2021) - Salome - Opernhaus Zürich (2021)

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New production.

In Zurich, Salome is directed by Andreas Homoki, who holds Richard Strauss’ works near to his heart. In his approach, he looks not only at the psychological aspects of the work, but also considers the societal forces at work. In his production, the appearance of the prophet Jochanaan (John the Baptist) marks the beginning of a new time, in which the power structures of yore are destroyed. The cast brings new voices to the stage of the Opernhaus: the promising Russian Elena Stikhina (a member of the ensemble at the Mariinski Theater in St. Petersburg) is our Salome. Lithuanian bass-baritone Kostas Smoriginas makes his debut in Zurich in the role of Jochanaan. Australian conductor Simone Young, an internationally-renowned Strauss interpreter, returns to the Opernhaus Zürich.

More information is available on the official website of the opera house.


September 12, 2021 19:00:00

September 15, 2021 19:30:00

September 18, 2021 19:00:00

September 24, 2021 20:00:00

September 30, 2021 19:00:00

October 03, 2021 14:00:00

October 07, 2021 19:00:00

October 10, 2021 20:30:00

October 17, 2021 14:00:00


Andreas Homoki

Simone Young

Elena Stikhina

Michaela Schuster

Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke

Mauro Peter

Diego Silva

Riccardo Botta

Iain Milne

Alejandro Del Angel

Xuenan Liu

Fabio Dorizzi

Savelii Andreev

Andrejs Krutojs

Martin Zysset

Andrew Owens

Remy Burnens

Luis Magallanes

Oleg Davydov

Stanislav Vorobyov

Flurin Caduff

Ilya Altukhov

Henri Bernard

Siena Licht Miller

Cheyne Davidson

Valeriy Murga

Alexander Fritze

Siena Licht Miller

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Erste Jude

Erste Jude

Erste Jude

Zweiter Jude

Zweiter Jude

Zweiter Jude

Dritter Jude

Dritter Jude

Dritter Jude

Vierter Jude

Vierter Jude

Vierter Jude

Fünfter Jude

Fünfter Jude

Fünfter Jude

Erster Nazarener

Ein Kappadozier

Ein Page

Zweiter Nazarener

Erster Soldat

Zweiter Soldat

Ein Sklave