Concert Philippe Jaroussky - George Enescu Festival (2021) - Récital Philippe Jaroussky - George Enescu Festival (2021)

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General Information

  • Production title:Récital Philippe Jaroussky - George Enescu Festival (2021)
  • Creation date:10/09/2021
  • Work - Composer:Récital - Compositeurs divers
  • Opera house:George Enescu Festival (Grand Palace Hall)


At the Romanian Athenaeum.

The course and program of the festival are still the subject of health measures and decisions taken in the context of the fight against the pandemic. The dates and concerts announced are therefore likely to be modified or canceled depending on the current health situation.

Program :

Luigi Rossi – La Lyra d’Orfeo
Luigi Rossi Sinfonia avanti al prologo from Il Palazzo Incantato, arr. C. Pluhar (Instrumental)
“Vaghi Rivi” (Céline Scheen)
“Begl’occhi, che dite” (Philippe Jaroussky)
“Mio ben” from L’Orfeo, arr. C. Pluhar (Céline Scheen)
“A l’imperio d’Amore” from L’Orfeo (Céline Scheen)

Maurizio Cazzati Ciaccona (Instrumental)

Luigi Rossi “Anime, voi che sete delle furie d’abisso” (Philippe Jaroussky)
“Questo picciolo rio”, arr. C. Pluhar (Céline Scheen)

Lorenzo Allegri Canario (Instrumental)

Luigi Rossi “Dormite, begl’occhi” from L’Orfeo (Céline Scheen, Philippe Jaroussky)
“Dopo lungo penare” (Philippe Jaroussky)
“Se dolente”, arr. C. Pluhar (Céline Scheen)
“M’uccidete, begl’occhi”, arr. C. Pluhar (Philippe Jaroussky)
“Ai sospiri, al dolori” (Céline Scheen, Philippe Jaroussky)
“Ballo di fantasmi” from Il Palazzo Incantato (Instrumental)

Marco Marazzoli (Marco dall’Arpa) “Dal cielo cader vid’io due stelle”. Canzonetta su la Ciaccona, arr C. Pluhar (Céline Scheen)

Luigi Rossi “Lasciate Averno” from L’Orfeo (Philippe Jaroussky)

More information is available on the official website of the festival.


September 10, 2021 16:30:00


Christina Pluhar

Céline Scheen

Philippe Jaroussky

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