La Traviata - Semperoper Dresden (2016) - La Traviata - Semperoper Dresden (2016)


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The Parisian courtesan Violetta Valery loves to throw glittering parties at which she is the centre of attention. Making light of a deadly illness, she wishes to show no weakness as this would lead to social estrangement. She meets Alfredo, who falls in love with her. The couple move to the country to begin a new life together. However, Alfredo’s father Giorgio demands that Violetta renounce his son in order to save the family’s reputation. She returns to Paris, leaving Alfredo a farewell letter. Following her, they meet at a ball where Violetta is accompanied by a former lover. Using money he has made from gambling, Alfredo publicly insults Violetta. He only later learns from his father the true reason for the sudden separation. Seeking his beloved, Alfredo finds a woman in the final throes of death. 

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April 30, 2016 19:00:00

May 21, 2016 19:00:00

May 28, 2016 19:00:00

June 02, 2016 19:00:00

June 04, 2016 19:00:00

June 07, 2016 19:00:00


Andreas Homoki

Venera Gimadieva

Yosep Kang

Angela Liebold

Jelena Kordic

Bernhard Hansky

Vitaliy Bilyy

Markus Marquardt

Birgit Fandrey

Simeon Esper

Work's characters list


Violetta Valéry

Alfredo Germont

Flora Bervoix

Flora Bervoix

Baron Douphol

Giorgio Germont

Giorgio Germont