La Traviata - Royal Opera House Covent Garden (2016) - La Traviata - Royal Opera House Covent Garden (2016)

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‘A toast to the pleasures of life!’ – so sings Violetta, her new admirer Alfredo and her party guests in the opening scene of Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata. But beneath the surface glamour of Violetta’s Parisian life run darker undercurrents: her doomed love for Alfredo and the tensions the lovers encounter when they break society’s conventions. La traviata, based on Alexandre Dumas fils’s play La Dame aux camélias, is one of Verdi’s most popular operas, combining drama, profound emotion and wonderful melodies.

Richard Eyre’s classic production conveys the indulgent social whirl of 19th-century Paris. It provides a vivid setting for Verdi’s tuneful score, which includes such favourites as Violetta’s introspective ‘Ah fors’è lui’ and ecstatic ‘Sempre libera’; the duet ‘Pura siccome un angelo’ as Giorgio Germont begs Violetta to leave Alfredo; and ‘Parigi, o cara’, in which the lovers poignantly imagine a life that will never be theirs. The role of Violetta (the ‘fallen woman’ of the title) is one of Verdi’s most complex and enduring characters.

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Richard Eyre

Yves Abel

Richard Hetherington

Nicola Luisotti

Maria Agresta

Saimir Pirgu

Piero Pretti

Ho-yoon Chung

Rolando Villazón

Sarah Castle

Andrea Hill

Justina Gringyte

Yuriy Yurchuk

Quinn Kelsey

Luca Salsi

Sarah Pring

Gaynor Keeble

Luis Gomes

Samuel Sakker

Jeremy White

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Violetta Valéry

Alfredo Germont

Alfredo Germont

Alfredo Germont

Alfredo Germont

Flora Bervoix

Flora Bervoix

Flora Bervoix

Baron Douphol

Giorgio Germont

Giorgio Germont





Marquis d'Obigny

La Traviata - Royal Opera House Covent Garden (2016) (Production - London , united kingdom)

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