Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor - Opéra de Lausanne (2014) - Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor - Opéra de Lausanne (2014)

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General Information

  • Production title:Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor - Opéra de Lausanne (2014)
  • Creation date:06/06/2014
  • Work - Composer:Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor - Otto Nicolaï
  • Opera house:Opéra de Lausanne.


New production, in coproduction with Opéra Royal de Wallonie

The overture of the Merry Wives, made popular by Carlos Kleiber’s recording, and a firm favourite on the programmes of New Year’s concerts everywhere, testifies to the seductive power of the music of this opera, which allows it to hold its own next to Verdi’s celebrated Falstaff. The libretto of the Merry Wives of Windsor gives centre stage to the female characters and the score skilfully combines the German and Italian styles so dear to the composer.

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June 06, 2014 20:00:00

June 08, 2014 17:00:00

June 11, 2014 19:00:00

June 13, 2014 20:00:00

June 15, 2014 15:00:00


Michael Tews

Valentina Farcas

Eve-Maud Hubeaux

Oliver Zwarg

Benoît Capt

Céline Mellon

Stuart Patterson

Sacha Michon

Attilio Glaser

Jean-Luc Borgeat

Work's characters list

Sir John Falstaff

Frau Fluth

Frau Reich

Herr Fluth

Herr Reich

Anna Reich


Dr Caïus


Le Thérapeute