Dialogues des Carmélites - Bayerische Staatsoper (2016) - Dialogues des Carmélites - Bayerische Staatsoper (2016)


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In his 1957 opera Dialogues des Carmélites, French composer Francis Poulenc sets revolution and religion on a collision course: young Blanche de la Force, haunted from birth by panic attacks, seeks refuge in the isolation of a convent, where she hopes to overcome her torturous fear of life. Her entry into the Order of the Carmelites and her conversations with the other nuns strengthen her and her faith, but the fear remains. The French Revolution does not stop at the walls of the convent and prohibits the nuns from carrying out the rules of their order. They rise in opposition, even accepting a martyr’s death rather than give in. All except Blanche – she flees again, terrified of death. The steadfastness with which the sisters face their martyrdom rescues Blanche from her anxiety. Fearlessly, she follows them to the gallows.

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January 23, 2016 19:00:00

January 28, 2016 19:00:00

January 30, 2016 19:00:00

February 01, 2016 19:00:00


Dmitri Tcherniakov

Bertrand De Billy

Laurent Naouri

Christiane Karg

Stanislas de Barbeyrac

Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo

Anne Schwanewilms

Susanne Resmark

Anna Christy

Heike Grötzinger

Angela Brower

Alexander Kaimbacher

Ulrich Reß

Tim Kuypers

Igor Tsarkov

Andrea Borghini

Johannes Kammler

Oscar Quezada

Tobias Neumann

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Marquis de la Force

Blanche de la Force

Chevalier de la Force

Madame de Croissy

Madame Lidoine

Mère Marie

Soeur Constance

Mère Jeanne

Soeur Mathilde


1er commissaire

2ème commissaire


Le geôlier


Dr. Javelinot

Dr. Javelinot