Au monde - La Monnaie (2014) - Au monde - La Monnaie (2014)

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World premiere

For this world premier the composer Philippe Boesmans, a prominent figure in the opera history of the last thirty years with Reigen, Wintermärchen, Julie and Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne, wanted the author and director Joël Pommerat to adapt his play Au monde, which La Monnaie is also presenting in its theatrical version this season, into a libretto for his new opera. This is an exceptional collaboration between two of the most important artists of our time. It will allow Philippe Boesmans to explore a new literary universe following those of Schnitzler, Shakespeare, Strindberg and Gombrowicz and allow Joël Pommerat to get involved in a second musical project after Thanks to my Eyes (based on his play Grâce à mes yeux) which he worked on with the composer Oscar Bianchi.

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March 30, 2014 15:00:00

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Joël Pommerat

Patrick Davin

Richard Angas

Werner Van Mechelen

Stéphane Degout

Charlotte Hellekant

Patricia Petibon

Fflur Wyn-Rogers

Yann Beuron

Ruth Olaizola

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Le père

Le fils ainé


La fille aînée

La seconde fille

La plus jeune fille

Le mari de la fille aînée

Une femme embauchée dans la maison