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Anja Harteros sings Arabella at the Semperoper Dresden

Helmut Pitsch

The Richard Strauss Tage, a kind of festival of the Semperoper Dresden, is dedicated to the Bavarian composer Richard Strauss, who has worked for several years at the renown opera house and especially colaborated with the Saxonian Staatskapelle. It was here, that his worldwide reputation as a composer has shown his first success. Several of his operas where first performed here, his major symphonic compositions took birth here. So this year within others saw the celebration of the...

Elektra at the Semperoper Dresden

Helmut Pitsch

What a story, what a character Richard Strauss and his co-genius Hugo von Hoffmannsthal have created here at the beginning of the 20th century. The expressive music and the female wild brutality were shocking and affecting the audience at the same time. Elektra, full of grieve, is seeking for revenge for her beloved father's death, accusing her mother and stepfather, exposing herself in front of the palace as a living monument of self destruction, desire up to mentally defection and...

Simon Boccanegra at Semperoper Dresden

Helmut Pitsch

It was a long expected event, being the first Verdi Premiere of the musical director Christian Thielemann. Highly regarded for his Wagner and Strauss Interpretations his admirers in the sold out Semperoper were reluctant to get acquainted with his talent for Italian operas. One could feel the excitement throughout the orchestra and all participants. Sensible, very symphonic and romantic was his conducting of this dramatic dark tragedy of the unlucky giftful genovese doge. As always...