Luisa Miller - Opernhaus Zürich (2014-2015) - Luisa Miller - Opernhaus Zürich (2014-2015)

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“It is a magnificent drama, full of passion and theatrically very effective,” was Giuseppe Verdi’s opinion of Kabale und Liebe (Intrigue and Love) when he decided to base an opera on a play by Friedrich Schiller – for the third time. Verdi was primarily taken by Schiller’s acute psychological observation of the figures and by the inevitability with which the plot rushes towards its tragic conclusion. Rodolfo is paying court to Luisa, the daughter of the old soldier Miller. However, both fathers oppose the marriage for reasons of class, for Rodolfo is the son of a count. When Rodolfo threatens to reveal a sinister family secret, Miller is arrested at the instigation of the scheming steward, Wurm, who himself has cast an eye on Luisa. To save her father from death, Luisa agrees to marry Wurm. Rodolfo is so distraught at the ostensible infidelity of his adored Luisa that he poisons her and himself. Only too late do the couple realise that they have been the victims of an intrigue. An exquisite cast of artists can be heard in this revival: legendary singer Leo Nucci will be returning to Zurich Opera House as father Miller. Elena Moşuc will perform the title role; at her side, Fabio Sartori will be singing Rodolfo.

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December 16, 2014 19:00:00

December 19, 2014 19:00:00

December 21, 2014 20:00:00

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December 30, 2014 20:00:00

January 02, 2015 20:00:00


Damiano Michieletto

Carlo Rizzi

Spencer Lang

Vitalij Kowaljow

Fabio Sartori

Judith Schmid

Wenwei Zhang

Leo Nucci

Elena Mosuc

Alexandra Tarniceru

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Un contadino

Il Conte di Walter





Luisa Miller