The Nightingale and other fables - Lyon National Opera House (2021) - Le Rossignol et autres fables - Opéra national de Lyon (2021)

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Revival of the production of 2010.

Cast for fables :

Yulia Pogrebnyak: 2 poems by Constantin Balmont
Mairam Sokolova: Pribaoutki and Lullabies of the cat
Nabil Suliman: Baritone 1 (Fox)
Taras Berezhansky: Baritone 2 (Fox)
Alexandr Gelah: Tenor 1 (Fox)
Andrei Danilov: Tenor 2 (Fox)

More information is available on the official website of the Opera house.

Following the measures adopted by the government as part of the fight against the spread of the COVID-19, the opera house had to cancel all performances of this production.


January 22, 2021 20:00:00

January 23, 2021 20:00:00

January 24, 2021 16:00:00

January 26, 2021 20:00:00

January 27, 2021 20:00:00

January 29, 2021 20:00:00

January 30, 2021 20:00:00

January 31, 2021 16:00:00


Robert Lepage

Daniele Rustioni

Andrei Danilov

Yulia Pogrebnyak

Nabil Suliman

Taras Berezhansky

Maïram Sokolova

Anna Denisova

Work's characters list



Le Pêcheur (ténor)

La Cuisinière (mezzo-soprano)

Le Chambellan (baryton)

L'Empereur de Chine (baryton)

La Mort (contralto)

Le Rossignol