Le Petit Prince - Grand Théâtre de Genève (2015) - Le Petit Prince - Grand Théâtre de Genève (2015)

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General Information

  • Production title:Le Petit Prince - Grand Théâtre de Genève (2015)
  • Creation date:06/01/2015
  • Work - Composer:Le Petit Prince - Michael Levinas
  • Opera house:Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (BFM)


New production

Commissioned by Opéra de Lausanne and Opéra de Lille
Production Opéra de Lausanne in coproduction with Opéra de Lille, Grand Théâtre de Genève and Opéra Royal de Wallonie in Liège

At the BFM (Bâtiment des forces motrices)

For his fourth opera, Le Petit Prince, French composer Michaël Levinas takes his inspiration from the “extraordinary being from far away, the ethereal and enigmatic child that Saint-Exupéry crossed paths with in the desert”, who gave his name to the children’s literary classic, The Little Prince. Levinas imagines a piece that, like the book, can speak to both children and adults, and which presents many exciting challenges to a composer: how might a musician integrate the artless nature of the text and its deeply symbolic mixture of words and illustrations? How do you tell the story of the Little Prince’s allegorical encounters on his journey through space? How can an opera bring new life to the message of hope Antoine de Saint-Exupéry gave to a world in the horrific throes of World War II? Like many children’s classics, The Little Prince is a book that should be read at least twice in one’s life: as a child, and then, as an adult. Michaël Levinas gives us a third level on which to experience it, in the form of an opera.

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January 06, 2015 19:30:00

January 07, 2015 19:30:00

January 08, 2015 19:30:00

January 09, 2015 19:30:00

January 10, 2015 19:30:00


Lilo Baur

Arie van Beek

Jeanne Crousaud

Vincent Lièvre-Picard

Catherine Trottmann

Céline Soudain

Rodrigo Ferreira

Rodrigo Ferreira

Alexandre Diakoff

Alexandre Diakoff

Alexandre Diakoff

Alexandre Diakoff

Benoît Capt

Benoît Capt

Benoît Capt

Work's characters list



Petit Prince


La Rose

La Rose multiple

Le Renard

Le Serpent

Le Roi


L'Allumeur de reverbères


Le Vaniteux

Le Financier

Le Géographe