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Wozzeck at the Liceu: The Dark Beauty of Horror

Xavier Pujol

In the 18th century there was pain and misery, but art generally displayed the beauty of the world. In the 19th century there was also pain and misery and art showed a part of it. In the 20th century there was a lot of pain and a lot of misery and very often art became unpleasant because the artist felt the need to show the world all the unnecessary pain, the avoidable misery, the great alienation and violence that govern human relationships. For many artists, failing to do this would have...

Trilogia Mozart - Da Ponte: A great idea with many problems

Xavier Pujol

The idea of creating a ‘trilogy’ with the three operas that Mozart composed with libretti by Lorenzo Da Ponte is fantastic. Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte were composed one after the other, a few years apart. There are numerous musical connections between them and more than one underlying dramatic connection as well. Bringing together a kind of ‘Mozart Marathon’ – nine hours’ worth of opera – by presenting the three...

A Pelléas et Mélisande of Dark Beauty at Liceu

Xavier Pujol

Achieving perfection in opera, the most complex form of artistic expression that Western culture has ever created, is not easy, but when it is achieved, the result is magical. The Pelléas et Mélisande currently on stage at Liceu does not reach perfection but it is very, very close to it and it is more than likely that it will become the great show of the season on an artistic level and will remain for many years in the theatre’s memory. Pelléas et...

Pikovaya Dama at the Liceu: The Return of a Historic Production

Xavier Pujol

In January 1992 Liceu presented a new production for Pikovaya Dama, a relatively infrequent opera in the Barcelona stage despite being one of the best Tchaikovsky operas. At that time, it was unanimously considered to be one of the most luxurious productions the theatre had ever done. In 2003 and 2010 it made the stage again and now, thirty years after its premiere, it has once more come back to Liceu – a rare event for an operatic production. Pikovaya Dama operates in two...

Liceu: Wagemakers’ Rigoletto returns with Bernheim, Maltman an...

Xavier Pujol

Rigoletto comes back to Liceu – there will be fifteen performances and it will take the stage for the next few weeks. Verdi’s opera is presented in the same production, with Monique Wagemakers signing as stage director, as in March 2017 which was already reviewed for Opera Online. Nothing essential has changed and its virtues and flows are still present. However, it would seem that in this re-staged version, the actors’ direction and the choir’s movement...

War Requiem: War as (only) pain and suffering

Xavier Pujol

In 1942 composer Benjamin Britten declared himself a conscientious objector in front of a tribunal. Twenty years later, in 1962, his War Requiem was premiered as part of the commemorations of the inauguration of Coventry cathedral’s reconstruction, which had been destroyed during the German air raids of WWII. The composer, who considered this piece as one of his most important creations, made a requiem without epic character, without exaltation of the heroes fallen in the honour...