Tristan und Isolde - Staatsoper unter den Linden Berlin


Harry Kupfer´s production of 2000 is very restricted and back to the essantials of good singing and acting of all participants. The stage throughout all acts is dominated by a big amor fallen on stage, his wings widespread symbolising the fallen love, ready to be freed again.

Daniel Barenboim conducts his Staatskapelle Berlin  monstrous voluminous sometimes missing the romantic passages and signs of salvation and liberation. Strong forte pushes the singers to give their best. This was motivating Ian Storey as Tristan to a strong final act. First he seemed to fatigue, being uncomfortable climbing over wings and rocks but then finding himself in great form. His voice remains soft and cantabile, convincing Kurwenal and the audience. Irene Theorin´s isolde is anyhow a powerhouse but she has to tame her voice not to shriek. Outstanding the performance of Rene Pape as King Marke. His fine, warm and very flexible bass and perfect stagepresence is first class. Ekaterina Gubanova as Brangäne and Martin Gantner as Kurwenal are well rounding up the cast.

The audience profites by the Staatsoper' s current  exile in the Schillertheater. This house is smaller, intimate and integrating. One feels close to the stage,  directly adressed and so the whole venue is touching and  overwhelming.

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